Aviation Web Development

The BMIBaby SEM Disaster

In what can best described as an 'own goal' of monumental proportions in SEM terms, BMIBaby very helpfully advertise EasyJet and Thomson on their website in a Google Ads box on the bookings screen.

Whichever genius came up with this as an idea can probably justify it to the company but no one we know can see the point of advertising some of your biggest competitors on the page where you sell your products.

We've tried to contact them to let them know, and offer to sort it out for them but as with a lot of airlines contacting them is an act of sadism that involves 65p per minute telephone calls, we are sure they will notice at some point in the near future.

Perhaps this is why they are currently looking for a new online brand manager, one of us even thought about applying but on second thoughts perhaps not.

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