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Google Instant

In early September 2010 Google launched an enhancement to Google Search called Google Instant, it is a prediction tool that shows options what Google thinks are most likely to be the terms you are searching for and saves you having to type the whole search string

The most interesting part of the enhancement we think is the ability to scroll up and down the suggested search terms and see the page of search results fade in from the background while you are still choosing which one you want.

This will clearly result in quite a bit of an increase in network traffic to and from Google so it will be interesting to see how this affects the Internet in general of the coming weeks and months, although Google have pre-empted this kind of question and they do not expect it to affect performance greatly, citing streaming video as a much worse abuser of bandwidth, they also plan to turn off Google Instant for slow connections.

You can read more about Google Instant on the Google Instant page.

Google Instant Screenshot

If you really don't like it or feel the need to turn it off, you can do so by using the dropdown to the right of the search box as shown above.

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