Aviation Web Development

Use Google Maps

There is anecdotal evidence that using Google Maps can get you noticed by the Google Search Engine faster than if you don't.
Most business websites these days include some kind of map or directions and using Google Maps only make this task much easier to do than trying to implement the whole thing yourself.

Maps By Postcode

To generate maps by postcode you can use a url similar to the one shown below, substituting your postcode for that shown in the url, any spaces should be replaced with %20.



Maps by latitude and longitude

The generate a Google Map by latitude and longitude it is obviously necessary to know what lat / long you are going to center the map on, there are several methods that can be used to find this information out

  • Use a GPS
  • Use Google Earth
  • Get it off site plans or land registry details (UK Specific)
  • Convert a Grid Reference to a Lat and Long

Regardless of the method used it will be necessary to get hold of the lat / long in decimal format, you can do that using some tools developed by us by following the link to the Griffin Helicopters Website

Maps with Directions

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