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Google Places

Adding your location details in Google places gets you seen in Google Maps Searches almost instantly. This usually results in your site being crawled by Google soon after.
Your site may not show any URLS indexed in Webmaster Tools but often will show some results for very specific searches even if it has a low rank you can at least prove it can be seen in the Search Engine Results Pages {SERPs].


If your business is already established and can be seen in a Google Maps Search claim your business in Google Places. If you are creating a new entry it is easiest to add a mobile number as well as a business number as at the end of the process you will be required to verify you have the authority to make changes to this particular business, the quickest method is to get them to send you a Pin number via SMS. If the business already has an entry, even after entering a mobile number they seem to want to verify by calling you at a pre-existing telephone number so the mobile option does not always work.

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