Aviation Web Development

Search Engine Optimization

A lot of people claim to be able to do it, its a quick way for some companies to make a buck but not everyone knows what they are doing, but they sound good.

We take a purely technical approach to it and look at things from the eyes of software designers, a kind of how would we do it if we ran the search engines approach. The approach works as can be seen by following these links, you will usually find the websites we've SEO'd on the first page in Google search rankings for some fairly relevant keywords.

A few examples of high google rankings can be seen here
Search PhraseOptimised Site
Helicopter Grand Nationalwww.london-helicopters.co.uk
Helicopter Coursewww.london-helicopters.co.uk
AS355 for salewww.as355.co.uk
A109 for salewww.a109.co.uk
Agusta 109 for salewww.a109.co.uk
A109 for sale UKwww.a109.co.uk
Helicopter Videoswww.griffin-helicopters.co.uk
Aerial Filmwww.aerialfilm.co.uk
R22 for salewww.r22.org.uk
R44 for salewww.r44.co.uk
Helicopter Safetywww.helicoptersafety.org
Fairoaks Hotelwww.fairoakshotel.co.uk
Fixed Wing Charterwww.globalflightsolutions.com
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