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Have a Site that Validates

The first thing I do when asked to look at anyones current site from an SEO perspective is to view the source code, and then run it through the W3C HTML Validator , it costs nothing and speaks volumes.

Most SEOs have a common hitlist of things pretty much like my tips list, that everyone does to get competitive, if they don't follow their own guidelines on their own website without some blatantly obvious explanation then perhaps customers would be wise to look elsewhere.

SEO companies have no excuse for serving sites that do not validate, some of the pages seen from SEO companies have hundreds of errors on one page, I wouldn't trust them to optimize a paper bag never mind a website.

This is where it starts to get technical now and whilst creating websites is hardly surrounded in the mystique it was years ago, having a site that looks good does not necessarily always equate to having one that performs well.

Validation Tips

Quick Tips for validation

  • Ensure all HTML tags have corresponding closing tags
  • Ensure all IMG tags have alternate text
  • Don't nest tags that were not designed to be nested, like putting a <ul> inside a <p>
  • Take all (or most) or your styling out of the page and put it in a CSS stylesheet. **
  • Make sure all URLs are encoded properly

** This will increase load time but improve code readability.

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