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XML Sitemap Protocol

To make the search engines aware of changes to your site, the search engine companies agreed on a protocol for submitting a simple XML file format to them. Sitemaps can usually be submitted in two different ways

  • Directly through the search engines webmaster tools.
  • Via an entry in a published format in robots.txt

What's in a sitemap ?

A sitemap is a list of files along with some properties of those files that are contained on a website. The sitemap contains details of last modified dates, priorities (as you see them for your website). Follow this link To see the sitemap for this website, note however that some browser will not display the XML and it is necessary to view the source of the seemingly blank page displayed to view it.

How is a sitemap generated ?


It is possible to manually update the contents of your website into a sitemap file and publish this online, this is however usually the most time consuming part of the exercise and is never guaranteed to be up to date.

By a number of tools on the internet

There are numerous tools available on the internet that can trawl through your website online and generate a sitemap based on what is found. It doesn't take a great deal of time (unless our site has lots of pages) but it is only up to date when manually triggerred to generate the sitemap and after the sitemap is then uploaded to website.

Automatically by your webserver

Automatically generated sitemaps which are created on the fly or with every publication cycle of your website, these are by far the most reliable and least time consuming methods.

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