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Have a relevant domain name

There is a narcisistic temptation to want your company name or brand name to be part of your domain name, and whilst this may work sometimes it can cost you in terms of search engine ranking. Google for one, ranks highly on keywords that are part of your domain name so if you have a product called 'widget' and having a website called www.widget.example is great if searchers know the name of the product, but not so good if a widget is the best toilet brush ever, where a domain name choice like toiletbrush.com or loobrush.co.uk might get you found more easily.

An example

A great example of this can be seen by comparing a page on one of our sites which is run for industry and has been around along time and some more recent listings from sites who have chosen their names well and although perhaps sometimes not as up to date as ours (and sometimes better) they outrank our site by one place at the top of Google ranking when searched from the UK.

The Griffin site used to rank as number 1 in Google for helicopter jobs, with the advent of the new sites with relevant domain names, whilst it is the best of the rest in Google's opinion it will never rank top.


Having a relevant domain name is one of the most important things you can do when carrying out any Search Engine Optimization.

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